PrimeWire: Watch HD Movies and TV Series Online Free

PrimeWire used to be one of the most popular streaming sites due to the massive collection of tv shows published on this site for free. This project started almost 10 years ago and since the beginning, after a few months, PrimeWire’s popularity started to grow a lot, boosting the site in the big league where it started to compete with other big sites like 123Movies or Putlocker.

PrimeWire is probably the most special website as far as we’ve seen until now because it is using an advanced automated system that publishes the latest episodes from all the tv shows within a few seconds after they are released, probably faster than everybody else.

Many people think that torrents are the best option for getting access to the latest releases as fast as possible but the actual source is PrimeWire and you can check it by yourself if you give a little time and attention to this website.

The years when we all used to go to cinema and pay an expensive ticket in order to watch a movie have passed and now, even because of the pandemic, the majority of people prefer to stay at home, alone or with some friends, and watch movies and series online from the comfort of their couch, without getting outside and spending money useless.

Even if many people are paying subscriptions on premium platforms like Netflix, Amazon, HBO or Hulu, there are still a lot who can’t afford those and will always choose a free streaming site because it’s really a better option unless you don’t have money to throw out of the window.

PrimeWire is worldwide known for having the biggest collection of tv shows ever seen of a free streaming website. From the most popular series of all times, all genres, countries and categories, blockbusters, game-shows, reality shows, cartoons, everything can be watched for free in HD quality on PrimeWire.

Also, all the content published here benefit of English subtitles when it’s necessary. The subtitles are activating themself automatically so you don’t have to press any more buttons. Keep in mind that only the tv shows dubbed in another language than English have subtitles because it’s a lot of work in order to add them on every file and we’ve made that only where it’s mandatory.

Even if PrimeWire used to host only tv shows, last year started to publish a big quantity of movies because there are much more visitors on this segment and we want our site to go as far as possible and become the most popular in the world.

Today there are already around 15000 movies both old and new on PrimeWire and they are waiting you to watch them for free in HD quality without registration. Our site does not have any kind of advertising so you can enjoy your favorite productions without being bothered by annoying pops and ads.